Release Date : July 5, 2018
Format : Digital Download

Summer is here and Pure Noise is bringing the heat with XXXtacy – an intoxicating journey filled with ecstatic grooves, trippy tribal beats, sexy vocals, and blissful melodies – all designed to take you to a higher state of consciousness.

The inspiration for this mix came about in February when I was preparing to play a big party in LA. I was listening to a lot of old school Deep Dish remixes at the time and I was really inspired by that old school progressive / tribal sound.

I was super into progressive house around the turn of the millennium- Deep Dish, Sasha & Digweed, BT, Nick Warren, etc… all those DJs are basically the reason I wanted to become one as well. I wanted to take that uplifting, melodic style and update it- the term I thought of was “Ecstacy House.” (Progressive House will always go hand in hand with that drug in my mind, thanks to my early clubbing days lol) The vibe I wanted to go for with this party was super groovy, sexy, feel-good jams but with a modern twist with more psychedelic, dubby, tribal elements.

Of course, this is just where the idea for this mix started. As with all of my mixes, it began with one idea, and evolved into something else entirely. It’s hard to put into words everything this set means to me; so many other parts of my life have been incorporated into it now.

I think they best way to describe this mix is as a travelogue, encapsulating the last 9 months or so if my life. I started traveling a lot for gigs last year, and since then I’ve played parties all over the country. Every city is a new adventure, filled with amazing new people. DJing is a total adrenaline rush, and my life became punctuated by these very overwhelming “ecstatic” moments. I’ve played about 3/4ths of these tracks out at some point recently, and most of these tracks have an awesome memory associated with it from one of my adventures.

It’s been an emotional ride, to say the least. I wanted to create a mix that captured that overwhelming mix of emotions. If my last mix Voodoo was about the dehumanizing aspects of modern technology, then this mix is about the opposite; human connection and its many wonderful forms, and finding states of absolute ecstacy through music, or dancing, or love, or sex, or drugs… or perhaps all of the above lol

In many ways, this set feels like a twin counterpart to my Free Your Mind mix from last summer. But where that set was inspired by an acid trip, this mix is modeled after the intense rush of sensations brought on by ecstacy. XXXtacy comes on strong and goes through several rolling peaks before mellowing out into a groovy state of bliss…

Enjoy the ride!

Pure Noise


XXXtacy Tracklist

1. (Intro Vox) Lindstrom – Didn’t Know Better
2. Elastic Reality & BT – Cassa de X (Deep Dish Does X Mix)
3. Harry Romero – Poema
4. Krystal Klear – Just a Little (Twilo Mix)
5. dOP – A Night in Sausalito (Deetron Remix)
6. Gat Decor – Passion (Naked Mix)
7. Serge Devant – Fearing Love (Club Mix)
8. Dubtribe Sound System – Do It Now (Deep Tech Version)
9. Greencross – The Children of the Python
10. Kamar – I Need You (Peggy Gou Remix)
11. Spin Science – Wonderland (Tom Middleton Liquatech Remix)
12. Cassius – Go Up (Butch Remix)
13. M4CHINE – WTFunk? (Nadja Lind Remix)
14. Tunnelvisions – Guava (Night Mix)
15. Chus & Ceballos – Now or Never
16. Blond:ish – EEEYAAA
17. Seb Wildwood – Wet Plants (Telephones Remix)
18. Lone – Temples
19. Tunnelvisions – Ottakar’s Sky
20. Harry Romero – Puma
21. Greencross – The Children of the Python (‘Leg Before Wicket’ Remix)
22. Dubman F – Obsynth
23. Harrison BDP – It’s All Just Sound
24. Itamar Sagi – One Million Oaks (Funk D’Void Remix)
25. Fiuset – Chocalatee
26. Casino Times – Voices
27. Ewan Rill & K Loveski – X Spiral
28. Butch – Countach (Kolsch Remix)
29. Pional – Tempest
30. Der Dritte Raum – Visitors
31. Sanfuentes – Square Waves Over America
32. Ultraverse – Eastern Longitude
33. Lamb – What Sound (Tom Middleton Deep Step Mix)
34. Bent – As You Fall (Guy J Remix)