Free Your Mind

Title : Free Your Mind
Release Date : August 17, 2017
Format : Digital Download

+++ Turn On β€” Tune In β€” Drop Aciiiiid House +++

Free Your Mind, a new mind-altering Pure Noise experience is here!

Reality is such a total bummer lately, am I right? Despite the real world being a seemingly endless trashscape of absurdities and atrocities (nuclear war and nazis, anyone?), I’m kinda having the best summer ever. And that’s because I’ve been doing what I love the most, playing and sharing music, while surrounded by some really fucking awesome friends.

I’ve DJ’d at some amazingly fun parties this summer, and if you’ve caught any of my sets, you may have noticed that one of the prevailing vibes I’m really feeling lately is this really groovy, trippy, neon jungle tribal house thing. Basically, if it has dubbed-out bongos and birdsong, I’m suuuper into it.

While I have played most of these tracks out this summer at some point or other, this set here isn’t reflective of any one particular party I played. Instead I took that vibe and expanded it into an psychedelic music experience that (at least in my mind) follows a highly conceptual and slightly ridiculous storyline involving psychedelic drugs, jungle shamans, wormholes, time-travel, ancient Egyptians, extra-dimensional mystics, and post-human ravers in the future.

The mix is a journey in every sense, and I wanted it to unfold with the kind dream logic you experience in a psychedelic trip. The ecstatic peaks come in rolling waves, giving way to hypnotic trance-inducing grooves, with a few surprising turns along the way.

One of the defining characteristics of Pisces is that we create internal fantasy worlds that we escape to when the real world doesn’t live up to our expectations. This mix definitely feels like a product of that instinct in me; putting together this beautiful dreamworld was a necessary escape from the ugly and horrifying new world we are finding ourselves in.

Now, here it is for you to explore! I hope you enjoy your time in here as much as I have. πŸ™‚


1. Intro: Cut Copy – Free Your Mind Intro
2. DJ Sotofett – Dripping for 97 Mix
3. Fluida – Empathy (Dub)
4. Jimpster – Porchlight and Rocking Chairs (KiNK Remix)
5. Dusky – Psychic Life Coach
6. Lauer – Vizzi Vazzi
7. Objekt – Theme from Q
8. Octo Octa – Eyes Low
9. Kyodai – Breaking (Ian Pooley Remix)
10. Mattias Tanzmann – Laika (Josh Wink Interpretation)
11. The Thunderhead – Thunderhead (Tom Middleton 202 Mix)
12. CamelPhat – It Is What It Is (Kevin McKay Remix)
13. K’Alexi Shelby – Round & Round
14. Butch – Dope
15. Budai – Funk Mushroom
16. Luciano – Esperanza (David Morales Red Zone Mix)
17. Cassius – Ibifornia
18. Clarian – Ankh
19. Brassica – Time Tunnel (The Sphinx Edit)
20. Shaedes – Gossip / Space Dimension Controller – Exostack (Sample)
21. Telephones – DTMF (Call Super Remix)
22. Doms & Deykers – No Life on the Surface (12” Version)
23. Bicep – Aura (12” Mix)
24. Danny Serrano – Utopia
25. Cherushii – Wild Abandon
26. Lone – Crush Mood
27. Marquis Hawkes – The Basement is Burning
28. Fort Romeau – Korgs
29. 808 State – In Yer Face (Bicep Remix)
30. Futureshock – Tiger Dust (Dub) / MANIK – Recourse (ft. Cari Golden)
31. Sei A – Time Control
32. Dusted – Always Remember to Respect and Honour Your Mother (Deep Dish Remix)